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How to organise your living room: 12 tips for living room organization

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means! It’s time for a spring clean spruce about the house! I don’t know about you, but nothing gets us feeling more relaxed than having a good old fashioned tidy-up, removing all the clutter that’s been piling up since christmas (or we’re sure in some cases, since the last spring clean!).

The wise Marie Kondo said that if something you own doesn’t spark joy, then it probably shouldn’t be in your life and we want to help ensure that your living room is most certainly something that brings you joy! Here are our 12 top tips for organising your living room!
  1. 1. Storage foot stools

    This is style and comfort rolled into one! Now you have a practical reason for putting your feet up with a stylish foot stool. You’ll relax in the knowledge that all those pesky magazines, books and slippers are tucked away neatly whilst also providing an extra seat for additional guests. We’re helping you organise your living room in style!


  2. 2.Baskets that double up as clutter catchers

    Although this may seem counterproductive when it comes to getting rid of clutter, but let’s face it, clutter is a natural occurrence in just about any home. This method of using baskets as clutter catchers are a fantastic way to isolate and organise your living room! If you have a couple, you can even assign them to each person in the home for them to sort and organise at a later date


  3. 3. Double the purpose of your bookshelves

    We know that your book shelves are used to store books (obvious, right?) but why not go one step further? Utilise some small fabric boxes or wicker baskets and use those to keep your knick-knacks tucked away in a more presentable way!


  4. 4. Hooks under shelves

    There can be a lot of dead space underneath your shelves. If your shelving can handle a little extra weight, why not use some practical hooks and hang your coats beneath them? They can also be used to store scarves, hats and even your keys


  5. 5. Use a shoe ladder shelf

    How many times has you partner told you off for leaving your shoes out by the door? With a fancy shoe ladder shelf, this will be a thing of the past! Instead of tucking them away in the corner which could look messy and easily get out of control (if you’ve got a lot of shoes), why not show off with your best foot forward and add a shoe ladder shelf!


  6. 6. Install corner shelves

    Hear us out with this one. When it comes to the corners of your room, it’s dead space! Using corner shelves are a great way to add a modern twist whilst organising your living room. You can use it to place gorgeous ornaments and show off your eclectic taste.


  7. 7. Get a storage coffee table

    A storage coffee table is a great way to hide unsightly clutter. One of our favourite designs are lift top coffee tables as they allow for heaps of internal storage where you can tuck away extra blankets and unused pillows within. Alternatively, there are many styles that contain handy drawers or shelves.


  8. 8. Stair storage

    We realise that this may not be an option for everyone, but for those of you with a staircase in the living room, it could be wise to utilise any storage space under the stairs. Whether this is a simple cupboard, or something more modern and trendy like stair storage shelves, these are a useful way to remove your clutter!


  9. 9. Floor to ceiling storage cupboards/walls

    Imagine this: a beautiful, minimalistic room, with bare walls and modern furniture taking pride of place without a hint of clutter in sight. The reason? Floor to ceiling storage that pops out of the wall! Admittedly, these would be a much bigger investment, but the pay out at the end could mean that you always have space for your things.


  10. 10. Under sofa storage

    This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising the amount of things you can store under s sofa! As an added tip, use vacuum sealing bags on things such as duvets and pillows to make them as flat as possible and store them under the settee! It doesn’t have to be a place for your pets to hide in the living room anymore!


  11. 11. TV cabinets

    Gone are the days where DVDs were endlessly stored in the tv cabinets. Nowadays, everything is streamed online or stored in the cloud. The physical space that these have left behind are fantastic little treasure troves to store your bric-a-brac.


  12. 12. Remove the unused

    It’s time to let go of all the things that don’t add to your living room. Remember Marie Kondo’s words, “If it does not spark joy” then it’s best to get rid!

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