During seasonal changes, not only does the climate vary, but also our routine, in terms of food we eat and even the way they dress.

If you run a business, keep in mind that self storage is useful for businesses as much as it is for individuals. Companies that take advantage of extra storage space are capable of being run more efficiently and more flexibly. If you have never yet considered how a self storage facility could help your business, keep reading because you might just have been missing out!
Before we get into the benefits, it is important that with something as important as your business, that you choose a suitably equipped self storage facility. Not all units are fit for, or intended for business use. Multi-Store have self storage facilities located in Guildford and Aldershot which are ideally suited for business storage as well as personal storage. Security of your valuable items are our priority, whether that be your business’ stock, tools, furniture, or highly important documents.

How can our self storage solutions help your business?

Storing Important Documents –

While we are becoming an increasingly digital society, not everything can be stored in the cloud. Some important documents need to kept in the form of paper records and, if they reveal sensitive data, they need to be kept safe.

Documents such as these could include tax returns, invoices, employment records or receipts, just to name a few examples.

These records are typically not needed on a daily basis for a business, but it is still essential that they are stored safely. Rather than leaving them lying around an office where they could get in the way, be misplaced or damaged, it is a sensible idea to keep them in a self storage unit.

With a Multi-Store self storage unit in Guildford or Aldershot, you can rest assured that your important, confidential data records can be stored safely and securely out of the way. You will always be in complete control over who has access to these documents.

Use Your Self Storage Unit As A Warehouse —

These days more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to run their business entirely online. Depending on which industry you operate in, this can make perfect business sense due to avoiding the overhead costs of running a store. As business grows though, more space to store stock will be necessary. Stock can only be stored in your home/garage up to a certain point. 

When this limit is reached, a self storage unit is an ideal next step for growing business ventures. It is much more cost effective than renting a warehouse/store, but provides all the same benefits.

Alternatively, if your business is one that requires you to work with expensive tools, it can be unsafe to store these in a van or in your garage overnight. Don’t take the risk of having your valuable business equipment stolen, spoiling your livelihood! If you operate your business within the Guildford or Aldershot areas, we recommend renting a local self storage unit with Multi-Store, to keep your business equipment safe at night.

Bars/Restaurants Can Keep Up With The Seasons – Businesses in the hospitality industry regularly undergo seasonal makeovers, which often equals lots of clutter. To add to this, it can prove expensive if old decorations, or outdoor summer furniture, are thrown out due to lack of space and have to be bought new again every year. If you are fed up of equipment, decor and furniture from previous seasons ending up either thrown out, or getting in the way, try renting a self storage unit! Running a business such as this is stressful enough as it is – clutter and working in cramped spaces will only make this worse.
Temporary Storage For Business Moves – If your business is moving offices, this often means a change in size. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, or perhaps you are just renovating your current office, you might benefit from temporary business storage. Office furniture is expensive to replace, so rather than throw it away you might be better off keeping it in self storage for the time being. In a Multi-Store self storage unit in Guildford or Aldershot, you can store things such as coffee machines, office chairs, computers, documents or decor.

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