At both our Aldershot and Guildford depots, we offer drive-up and easy access self-storage containers here at Multistore.

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Celebrating 30 years of self-storage with 24/7 access to rooms and containers ranging from 15 to 200 square feet.
Storage Containers


At Multi Store, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch self-storage solutions at our convenient locations in Guildford and Aldershot. Our self-storage containers are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, providing a secure and flexible storage option for a wide range of purposes. Self storage containers offer convenience and numerous benefits for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re decluttering your home, moving to a new location, or seeking extra space for your business inventory, our self-storage containers are the perfect solution.

Benefits of Our Self Storage Containers

At our Aldershot and Guildford depots, we offer drive-up and easy access self-storage containers. One of the key advantages of our self-storage containers is their flexibility. Available in various sizes ranging from 40 Sq ft to 160 Sq ft, you can choose the container size that best fits your needs. Whether you need to store household items, furniture, equipment, or inventory, our containers can easily accommodate your requirements.

Furthermore, our self-storage containers offer 24/7 access as standard, with no extra charges. This means you can access your belongings whenever it’s convenient, whether during office hours or in the middle of the night. This flexibility ensures you have full control over your stored items, allowing you to retrieve or add items to your container at your convenience.

In addition to convenience, our self-storage containers provide peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are secure. Equipped with resistant painting and galvanised locking bars, our containers offer robust protection against theft, vandalism, and the elements. With comprehensive surveillance and monitoring systems in place, you can trust that your stored items are safe and secure at all times.

Storage containers at Multi-Store self storage Aldershot depot

Our storage shipping containers are strong and secure, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your possessions will be protected.

We have containers available at both of our storage venues in Aldershot and Guildford.

Get in contact with us now to talk about your self-storage container needs on 01483 931394. If you’re unsure of what size storage container you need, check out our handy guide below.


That is not a worry, if you need a bigger self storage container, we will find a new one for you for an extra cost.

You can put as many items in self storage containers as you would like. As long as you can fit in within the space you have- the space is entirely yours.

Yes, your items will be entirely secured. We have security cameras and surveillance to keep your belongings secure.

You will need to bring some ID and sort out some paperwork before you have your storage room. Shortly after this, you can store all of your items!

You can keep your items in the self storage container for as long as you need.

This all depends on how long you plan to keep your items in storage and what type of storage container you would like. 

Due to the nature of some items and how they can become dangerous in some circumstances or deteriorate over time, the following are prohibited:

  • Food & Perishable Goods
  • Animals
  • People
  • Flammable Materials
  • Firearms, Explosives Etc
  • Chemicals & Radioactive Materials
  • General Illegal Items
  • Money & Securities

For a more specified list, do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss whether or not your goods will be accepted within our self storage containers.

It is extremely difficult to break into our self storage containers as they are monitored and have CCTV cameras around the whole unit.

When we place our clothes in a storage unit, we want to make sure they are protected from elements that can damage the fabrics and render them unusable. In a storage unit, there are a number of different variables that can have a deleterious effect on clothing such as heat, humidity, moisture, or insects and rodents.

 We would recommend that if you are storing clothing, you find an appropriate cover.

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