Here at Multi-store, we aren’t just about big storage spaces for the bigger jobs, we also have smaller storage unit options available

Multi-Store self storage locker spaces


Here at Multi-store, we aren’t just about big storage spaces for the bigger jobs, we also have smaller storage unit options available, such as our self storage lockers. These are perfect if you only need to store away a couple of boxes, clothes or seasonal decorations!

We know that everyone has got stuff they don’t want to chuck out. These can include boxes of photos, that precious CD collection and the toys that the kids no longer play with, but still hold sentimental value. Then there’s the Christmas decorations, the camping equipment and the skiing gear! Sometimes it can take up just a little too much space in your home and can make it appear cluttered.

Our self storage locker units at our Guildford and Aldershot depots may be just what you need. You get to store your items safely in your own locker-size storage space. Even though the unit is smaller, you still have the same privileges as those who have larger units. Why not fill out our quick quote form today!

Our locker spaces are 10ft cubed. This is perfect for:

You can come in anytime if you need to pick something up or drop something off. Store from a minimum of two weeks to as long as you like.

To find out more or get a quote call us on 01483 456865


That is not a worry, if you need a bigger self storage locker space, we will find a new one for you for an extra cost.

You can put as many items in self storage locker space as you would like. As long as you can fit in within the space you have- the space is entirely yours.

Yes, your items will be entirely secured. We have security cameras and surveillance to keep your belongings secure.

You will need to bring some ID and sort out some paperwork before you have your storage space. Shortly after this, you can store all of your items!

You can keep your items in the self storage locker space for as long as you need.

This all depends on how long you plan to keep your items in storage and what type of storage unit you would like. Our services start from as little as £8.

Due to the nature of some items and how they can become dangerous in some circumstances or deteriorate over time, the following are prohibited:

  • Food & Perishable Goods
  • Animals
  • People
  • Flammable Materials
  • Firearms, Explosives Etc
  • Chemicals & Radioactive Materials
  • General Illegal Items
  • Money & Securities

For a more specified list, do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss whether or not your goods will be accepted within our self storage locker units.

It is extremely difficult to break into our self storage locker space as they are monitored and have CCTV cameras around the whole unit.

Self storage locker spaces are a great place to store your possessions. Security for storage facilities is never as simple as only having security cameras or a fence. In reality, top-notch security requires multiple levels of surveillance and monitoring.

Our units are monitored throughout all hours of the day.

When you place your clothes in a storage unit, we want to make sure they are protected from elements that can damage the fabrics and render them unusable. In a storage unit, there are a number of different variables that can have a deleterious effect on clothing such as heat, humidity, moisture, or insects and rodents.

 We would recommend that if you are storing clothing, you find an appropriate cover.

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