During seasonal changes, not only does the climate vary, but also our routine, in terms of food we eat and even the way they dress.

Self storage is a great lifehack for students, due to the fact that they are often on the move between halls and rented houses, with quite a few trips back home thrown in along the way. With so much moving around, it makes perfect sense to have some extra flexible storage space to work with. At MultiStore we offer exactly that, flexible space that is easily accessible when required yet also completely secure when you are not there. Not only are our storage facilities super convenient for students, we offer a discount on student storage in Guildford & Aldershot too!

If you are a student, or you are soon to be one, keep reading this article to find out the 5 reasons why every student should have a self storage unit.

1. Keep your valuables safe during the holidays

The logistics of having to move all your valuables back into your family home during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays can become complicated. It will likely mean having to get a parent to pick you up so you can fit heavy items into the car – not ideal if you have gone to uni in a city halfway across the country! There may be some items that you would not need during the holidays, but are too risky to leave in your accommodation unattended. A bike, for instance, may not be needed for the short break at home, but student houses and halls are notorious for being broken into, so it is not worth risking leaving it. A secure self storage unit, like at MultiStore, is perfect for this situation.

2. Lack of space in your room

One of the biggest problems you will face when moving into your room at university is fitting all your stuff into such a small space. You will not have the luxury you had at home of having spare rooms and a garage to keep things in. 

This means you will have to start being more thoughtful with what you have in your space. Items that are not used on a daily basis might need to be kept in a self storage unit for access only when you need it.

3. Storing sports equipment

Getting active and involved in a sports team is a great thing to do while at university, it can massively improve your uni experience. The social aspect to it is every bit as worthwhile as the physical benefits. 

However, for many sports you will need to invest in some equipment, which you will then have to find a way to keep in your already limited amount of space.

We frequently see people storing things such as cricket pads, golf clubs, hockey gear and much more in our self storage units. Don’t let storage space stop you trying out a new sport and socialising with new friends.

4. If you are planning on going travelling

What better time is there to travel the world than when you are young? We think you should explore all you can before you become a boring adult, tied down by things such as a job, marriage, kids, mortgages etc. 

If you plan to go travelling immediately after you graduate, before settling down into that dream career, you will need somewhere to keep your belongings safe back in the UK. Your parents might not be so keen to take back all your stuff for a year if they’ve now rented out that spare room!

A self storage unit is a perfect solution for this.

5. For when you inevitably move accommodation

Students often move accommodation at the end of each academic year due to changing circumstances, perhaps meeting new friends (or deciding they don’t like their flatmates because they never wash up), etc. 

When you move, there is a good chance there will be a delay between having to be out of your old room before you can move into your new one. In this situation a self storage unit could help make the transition less complicated and lot less stressful.

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