The kitchen in some cultures is considered to be the heart of the home, a place we gravitate to for our morning coffee and evening meal as well as many other integral moments of our day. That’s why if your kitchen is only a small space, you want to ensure you’re maximising the area you have, so that it’s not full of clutter! Here at Multi-store, we’ve put together some advice around how best to organise your kitchen, with ideas for storage solution possibilities.

Drawers beneath kitchen cabinets

One of the places considered to be dead space below the kitchen cabinets near the floor! So why not look to take advantage of it with creating a drawer that pops out with a simple push of your feet? You could store extra plates, frying pans, even your herbs and spices!

Above the window storage

Another area that’s rarely utilised is that space above your windows. Having a shelf installed will allow you to create storage opportunities between your window and ceiling. It’s perfect for your pots and pans and can even allow you to add a decorative flair with the use of a hanging or trailing house plant.

Pull out pantries

When it comes to organising your kitchen, we always get jealous over those beautiful tucked away pull out pantries that sometimes occupy the space between your fridge and other integrated units. A pull-out pantry is the perfect way to utilise a small amount a space with the use of thin shelving units to store things like food or chopping boards.

Repurpose office supplies

This one may seem a little unorthodox, but it’s a great way to upcycle your office supplies! Black wired letter trays can become a part of your industrial aesthetic, creating a stylish magazine rack, whilst an old pen pot can become a simple utensils holder.

Kitchen trolley for manoeuvrable storage

This is one of our favourite elements to any kitchen organisation! The trolley allows for easily manoeuvrable storage which is useful if you need to tuck away anything in a different room! It’s also a stylish way to serve guests when they come over for dinner parties. Put all your alcohol and drinking options on its shelves and wheel it in for effect!

Modular shelving systems

Modular shelving systems allow you flexibility when it comes to the future as you add more elements to your kitchen. If your shelving system is modular it allows you to add extra shelving or alternatively, remove the shelving if you have additional larger items to store.

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    We realise that this is most probably the worst part of any clear out! Designating your items into the “get rid” pile can be a daunting task. For organisational purposes however, this is an essential step. There’s no point filing away something that isn’t ever going to be used! We would recommend calling your local skip hire company to see if they can help you out with this one! Not only is it a quicker and easier way to get rid of a lot of things at once, there’s no back and forth between your office and the tip! Do make sure that any sensitive documents and information are disposed of correctly however, be that via shredding or a specific service that allows you to get rid of business waste.

    1. The declutter

    I think we all knew that this was going to be top of the list! It sounds like something straight out of a horror story finding a body in a storage unit, but it’s something that’s happened a surprising amount of times! One of the most notorious of these stories

    2. Keep your desktop tidy

    Keeping your desktop clean can link to a person’s productivity. A tidy desk can put you in a more focused mindset, keeping you on the task at hand instead of getting distracted by all those pop vinyl figures! Keep the important things organised, so think about introducing paper trays and pencil pots. You can still keep your personality with your desk within this, like using a mug instead of a standard pencil pot!

    3. Office “to sort” zone

    Once the declutter is complete, we understand that it’s very hard to not regain that clutter over time. That’s why you should introduce the “to sort” zone within your office space. This is an area dedicated to catching all the junk heading in that may not be needed! Make sure it’s close by to the door as a reminder for you to take it with you!

    4. Storage furniture

    If there is equipment in the office that needs to be kept for certain times of the year or if you aren’t ready to part with it just yet, having minimalist storage furniture is a great way to ensure that the office looks neat and tidy! Clean lines and white surfaces are a particular favourite of ours but be sure to get furniture that matches the space and doesn’t stick out.

    5. Get a storage unit

    If having more furniture just isn’t a possibility due to your smaller office space, then getting a storage unit to tuck away your goods and office equipment is the perfect way to make sure you keep your space clean and tidy. If you don’t need too much, self storage lockers are perfect for just a couple of boxes. If you’re looking to keep your seasonal stock protected, then a storage unit may be the best option for you.
    If you’re looking for business storage solutions, we here at Multi-store can help you. Get in contact with us now.

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      We’ve all seen Storage Hunters haven’t we? The fast-paced auction show where an eclectic cast bid on abandoned storage units in order to sieve through their contents for golden goodies and antiques. Sometimes you see some strange things pop up in those units which makes you wonder about the original owner! Here at Multistore, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the strangest things found in storage units over the years.


      I think we all knew that this was going to be top of the list! It sounds like something straight out of a horror story finding a body in a storage unit, but it’s something that’s happened a surprising amount of times! One of the most notorious of these stories


      It goes without saying, breaking into storage units is never a good idea. This was found out the hard way for one particular burglar from Kansas City in Missouri, USA. A passing security guard noticed a unit door slightly ajar and ever the helpful Samaritan he closed it up and latched it shut – trapping the burglar inside!

      Wasps nests

      In a storage unit in New York, someone found not one, but four wasp nests in the same storage units. What makes this find even stranger is that fact that each of these wasp nests had been individually wrapped in cellophane and preserved.

      A live hand grenade

      Just in case you weren’t aware, here at Multistore, you’re not allowed to store weapons or ammunition of any kind. It’s no wonder the new owner of an abandoned unit in Michigan in the US got a bit of a shock finding this! Don’t worry though, the authorities were called and a bomb disposal unit took care of the situation.
      It’s never dull running storage units! If you’re looking for a place to store your wares over the Easter period, we have both long-term and short-term solutions to suit your needs. With a wide array of different size units, not to mention storage rooms with direct access, contact us now to find out more.

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        It’s christmas time, the most wonderful time of the year. Your home will soon be host to family and friends visiting you over the christmas holiday. But as more people turn up, the less room you will have! You will have to pull out the emergency chairs and make the best of what little space you have. But there is another option, we at Multistore have some fantastic tips to maximize your space this holiday season. 

        The Christmas holiday season brings lots of cheer but also brings on a lot of hosting obligations. It’s always great to spend time with family and friends but fitting everyone in your living room or kitchen can be chaotic. Our first tip is an obvious one but also a wise option, declutter your home. You and your family gather up items which you never use or won’t be using for sometime and remove them from your home. Perhaps consider looking into a self storage room to store your items until you are ready to use them again.

        The priority is to make room for your family, friends and maybe a few presents as well. Like preparing for a christmas meal some organization and planning goes a long way. After you have gathered up your items why not pack them away into boxes or clear containers, even better why not label them? Once you have organised your items you will need somewhere to store them, we offer many different types of self storage options at Multistore. When maximizing your living room space it might be worth considering opting for a small tree. We know that this a focal point of christmas, but by losing a little height off your tree you can maximize the space in your living room. This will allow for an extra relative or maybe extra present space. Also if you aren’t buying a real tree you can have one side of your artificial tree folded in which will allow for a lot more space. This is a great, simple option and makes all the difference without compromising the look of the tree.

        We mentioned the emergency chairs being used at christmas, these can take up a lot of extra room in your living room/home. Foldable chairs are a great option, they fold away easily and can be stored away after christmas dinner.

        We hope that you have found these tips useful and that your christmas holidays are magical. When you do come to organizing your items consider using one of self storage rooms. At our self storage facility in Shalford we have modern state-of-the-art storage rooms. Sizes range from 15sq ft to 200sq ft, and they all are 9/10 ft high. Every storage room has custom swipe card access control. All Rooms are alarmed and covered by Digital CCTV. We also have easy-access containers: you can take your car or van up to the door! We also offer a standard 24/7 access with no extra charges. Multistore are located in Guildford and Aldershot and offer all the features stated above. To enquire about our self storage rooms or for any other of the services that we provide then call us today. Our Guildford number is 01483931394 and our Aldershot number 0125352321 or email us on We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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          How Our Self Storage Units In Guildford & Aldershot Can Help Keep Your Home Tidy

          Clean house, clear mind – We have all heard this phrase used, but is there any truth to it? Well, according to the experts, yes there is. According to Dr Bourg Carter “messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless and overwhelmed”. A build-up of clutter around the house is not just an eyesore – it bombards the mind with stress and makes it more difficult to relax. So, we know why we should keep a tidy house, but actually doing something about it can often prove to be the tricky part. Yet with warmer months approaching, there is no better time than now to begin your spring clean. If clutter has invaded your home and you feel the time has come to tackle it, you are in the right place, because we have put together this guide to help you get started!

          How can a self storage unit help?

          Before you begin to sift through piles of old belongings, we suggest that you rent a self storage unit ready to move things into. Inevitably, during your tidying you will come across items that have sentimental value and are difficult to part ways with entirely. Or perhaps, you may come across an instrument or expensive piece of sports equipment that may come in handy in the future, but you do not use regularly right now. For these items, having a self storage unit to move them into is a perfect compromise – you can declutter your home without having to throw expensive or sentimental belongings away forever!
          Looking for somewhere to rent a self storage container or locker near Surrey? Multi-Store have highly secure, well maintained self storage facilities located in Guildford & Aldershot, available at very competitive prices. Click here to get a quote to move in today!
          So, now you have your self storage unit, let the cleaning begin! Top Tips For Starting Your Spring Clean
          Start small and regularly – Tidying your whole house does not need to be one big chore. Break it down into manageable tasks, that can be carried out over a period of time. A good way to approach this is to divide each room into small chunks of space, for instance the wardrobe, the cupboards, the shelves, etc. Aim to tidy out one small space per day. This way it will not feel like the task is taking up too much of your day at all, but you will be amazed at the transformation in just a matter of weeks!
          Invite a friend over for a second opinion – You live in your home everyday so it is easy to become blind to the clutter that surrounds you. To see each room in your home subjectively, invite over a friend and ask for their opinion. They will highlight areas of the room you might have never knew needed cleaning!
          The box challenge – This is a great way of keeping things organised. While clearing through a pile of belongings, set yourself up with four different boxes. Fill one with things you want to keep, one with things to go to self storage, one to go to charity and one to throw away. Think carefully about each item,if you need to keep it, does it need to be in the house or could it be stored out the way in self storage? If you do not need to keep it, could it go to charity or is it waste that needs to be thrown away?

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            How to organise your living room: 12 tips for living room organization

            Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means! It’s time for a spring clean spruce about the house! I don’t know about you, but nothing gets us feeling more relaxed than having a good old fashioned tidy-up, removing all the clutter that’s been piling up since christmas (or we’re sure in some cases, since the last spring clean!).

            The wise Marie Kondo said that if something you own doesn’t spark joy, then it probably shouldn’t be in your life and we want to help ensure that your living room is most certainly something that brings you joy! Here are our 12 top tips for organising your living room!
            1. 1. Storage foot stools

              This is style and comfort rolled into one! Now you have a practical reason for putting your feet up with a stylish foot stool. You’ll relax in the knowledge that all those pesky magazines, books and slippers are tucked away neatly whilst also providing an extra seat for additional guests. We’re helping you organise your living room in style!


            2. 2.Baskets that double up as clutter catchers

              Although this may seem counterproductive when it comes to getting rid of clutter, but let’s face it, clutter is a natural occurrence in just about any home. This method of using baskets as clutter catchers are a fantastic way to isolate and organise your living room! If you have a couple, you can even assign them to each person in the home for them to sort and organise at a later date


            3. 3. Double the purpose of your bookshelves

              We know that your book shelves are used to store books (obvious, right?) but why not go one step further? Utilise some small fabric boxes or wicker baskets and use those to keep your knick-knacks tucked away in a more presentable way!


            4. 4. Hooks under shelves

              There can be a lot of dead space underneath your shelves. If your shelving can handle a little extra weight, why not use some practical hooks and hang your coats beneath them? They can also be used to store scarves, hats and even your keys


            5. 5. Use a shoe ladder shelf

              How many times has you partner told you off for leaving your shoes out by the door? With a fancy shoe ladder shelf, this will be a thing of the past! Instead of tucking them away in the corner which could look messy and easily get out of control (if you’ve got a lot of shoes), why not show off with your best foot forward and add a shoe ladder shelf!


            6. 6. Install corner shelves

              Hear us out with this one. When it comes to the corners of your room, it’s dead space! Using corner shelves are a great way to add a modern twist whilst organising your living room. You can use it to place gorgeous ornaments and show off your eclectic taste.


            7. 7. Get a storage coffee table

              A storage coffee table is a great way to hide unsightly clutter. One of our favourite designs are lift top coffee tables as they allow for heaps of internal storage where you can tuck away extra blankets and unused pillows within. Alternatively, there are many styles that contain handy drawers or shelves.


            8. 8. Stair storage

              We realise that this may not be an option for everyone, but for those of you with a staircase in the living room, it could be wise to utilise any storage space under the stairs. Whether this is a simple cupboard, or something more modern and trendy like stair storage shelves, these are a useful way to remove your clutter!


            9. 9. Floor to ceiling storage cupboards/walls

              Imagine this: a beautiful, minimalistic room, with bare walls and modern furniture taking pride of place without a hint of clutter in sight. The reason? Floor to ceiling storage that pops out of the wall! Admittedly, these would be a much bigger investment, but the pay out at the end could mean that you always have space for your things.


            10. 10. Under sofa storage

              This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising the amount of things you can store under s sofa! As an added tip, use vacuum sealing bags on things such as duvets and pillows to make them as flat as possible and store them under the settee! It doesn’t have to be a place for your pets to hide in the living room anymore!


            11. 11. TV cabinets

              Gone are the days where DVDs were endlessly stored in the tv cabinets. Nowadays, everything is streamed online or stored in the cloud. The physical space that these have left behind are fantastic little treasure troves to store your bric-a-brac.


            12. 12. Remove the unused

              It’s time to let go of all the things that don’t add to your living room. Remember Marie Kondo’s words, “If it does not spark joy” then it’s best to get rid!

            Here at Multistore, we have a wide range of personal storage solutions that could help you with the spring clean! Take a look at our options to find out more and give us a call now.

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              If you run a business, keep in mind that self storage is useful for businesses as much as it is for individuals. Companies that take advantage of extra storage space are capable of being run more efficiently and more flexibly. If you have never yet considered how a self storage facility could help your business, keep reading because you might just have been missing out!
              Before we get into the benefits, it is important that with something as important as your business, that you choose a suitably equipped self storage facility. Not all units are fit for, or intended for business use. Multi-Store have self storage facilities located in Guildford and Aldershot which are ideally suited for business storage as well as personal storage. Security of your valuable items are our priority, whether that be your business’ stock, tools, furniture, or highly important documents.

              How can our self storage solutions help your business?

              Storing Important Documents –

              While we are becoming an increasingly digital society, not everything can be stored in the cloud. Some important documents need to kept in the form of paper records and, if they reveal sensitive data, they need to be kept safe.

              Documents such as these could include tax returns, invoices, employment records or receipts, just to name a few examples.

              These records are typically not needed on a daily basis for a business, but it is still essential that they are stored safely. Rather than leaving them lying around an office where they could get in the way, be misplaced or damaged, it is a sensible idea to keep them in a self storage unit.

              With a Multi-Store self storage unit in Guildford or Aldershot, you can rest assured that your important, confidential data records can be stored safely and securely out of the way. You will always be in complete control over who has access to these documents.

              Use Your Self Storage Unit As A Warehouse —

              These days more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to run their business entirely online. Depending on which industry you operate in, this can make perfect business sense due to avoiding the overhead costs of running a store. As business grows though, more space to store stock will be necessary. Stock can only be stored in your home/garage up to a certain point. 

              When this limit is reached, a self storage unit is an ideal next step for growing business ventures. It is much more cost effective than renting a warehouse/store, but provides all the same benefits.

              Alternatively, if your business is one that requires you to work with expensive tools, it can be unsafe to store these in a van or in your garage overnight. Don’t take the risk of having your valuable business equipment stolen, spoiling your livelihood! If you operate your business within the Guildford or Aldershot areas, we recommend renting a local self storage unit with Multi-Store, to keep your business equipment safe at night.

              Bars/Restaurants Can Keep Up With The Seasons – Businesses in the hospitality industry regularly undergo seasonal makeovers, which often equals lots of clutter. To add to this, it can prove expensive if old decorations, or outdoor summer furniture, are thrown out due to lack of space and have to be bought new again every year. If you are fed up of equipment, decor and furniture from previous seasons ending up either thrown out, or getting in the way, try renting a self storage unit! Running a business such as this is stressful enough as it is – clutter and working in cramped spaces will only make this worse.
              Temporary Storage For Business Moves – If your business is moving offices, this often means a change in size. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, or perhaps you are just renovating your current office, you might benefit from temporary business storage. Office furniture is expensive to replace, so rather than throw it away you might be better off keeping it in self storage for the time being. In a Multi-Store self storage unit in Guildford or Aldershot, you can store things such as coffee machines, office chairs, computers, documents or decor.

              Get A Self Storage Quote For Your Business Today

              For a quick quote, get in touch with us on one of the following numbers, we will be happy to hear how we can help your business!: Business Storage Guildford 01483 465865  Business Storage Aldershot 01252 343415

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                Self storage is a great lifehack for students, due to the fact that they are often on the move between halls and rented houses, with quite a few trips back home thrown in along the way. With so much moving around, it makes perfect sense to have some extra flexible storage space to work with. At MultiStore we offer exactly that, flexible space that is easily accessible when required yet also completely secure when you are not there. Not only are our storage facilities super convenient for students, we offer a discount on student storage in Guildford & Aldershot too!

                If you are a student, or you are soon to be one, keep reading this article to find out the 5 reasons why every student should have a self storage unit.

                1. Keep your valuables safe during the holidays

                The logistics of having to move all your valuables back into your family home during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays can become complicated. It will likely mean having to get a parent to pick you up so you can fit heavy items into the car – not ideal if you have gone to uni in a city halfway across the country! There may be some items that you would not need during the holidays, but are too risky to leave in your accommodation unattended. A bike, for instance, may not be needed for the short break at home, but student houses and halls are notorious for being broken into, so it is not worth risking leaving it. A secure self storage unit, like at MultiStore, is perfect for this situation.

                2. Lack of space in your room

                One of the biggest problems you will face when moving into your room at university is fitting all your stuff into such a small space. You will not have the luxury you had at home of having spare rooms and a garage to keep things in. 

                This means you will have to start being more thoughtful with what you have in your space. Items that are not used on a daily basis might need to be kept in a self storage unit for access only when you need it.

                3. Storing sports equipment

                Getting active and involved in a sports team is a great thing to do while at university, it can massively improve your uni experience. The social aspect to it is every bit as worthwhile as the physical benefits. 

                However, for many sports you will need to invest in some equipment, which you will then have to find a way to keep in your already limited amount of space.

                We frequently see people storing things such as cricket pads, golf clubs, hockey gear and much more in our self storage units. Don’t let storage space stop you trying out a new sport and socialising with new friends.

                4. If you are planning on going travelling

                What better time is there to travel the world than when you are young? We think you should explore all you can before you become a boring adult, tied down by things such as a job, marriage, kids, mortgages etc. 

                If you plan to go travelling immediately after you graduate, before settling down into that dream career, you will need somewhere to keep your belongings safe back in the UK. Your parents might not be so keen to take back all your stuff for a year if they’ve now rented out that spare room!

                A self storage unit is a perfect solution for this.

                5. For when you inevitably move accommodation

                Students often move accommodation at the end of each academic year due to changing circumstances, perhaps meeting new friends (or deciding they don’t like their flatmates because they never wash up), etc. 

                When you move, there is a good chance there will be a delay between having to be out of your old room before you can move into your new one. In this situation a self storage unit could help make the transition less complicated and lot less stressful.

                Get a discount on student storage with MultiStore

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                  SELF STORAGE SOLUTIONS

                  MULTI-STORE Self Storage offers short and long term affordable and secure self contained storage solutions for both private and business use. 

                  At MULTI-STORE Self Storage you will find easy-access storage rooms and mini-warehouses, with a multitude of sizes and prices starting from only £11 a week. Please see our website for our current special offers and pay-in-advance discounts.


                  MULTI-STORE self storage, offers a new concept in self storage… mini warehousing – container style. Our fully waterproof and secure containers range in size from 40 to 160 sq feet and as they are all ground level, you simply drive up and start unloading. 

                  Storage Depots in Shalford and Guildford
                  are conveniently located with main road access and clients can enter 24/7 with a remote control that opens the electronic gates. Security is a key feature of the park as only the client retains the key to their storage unit and the premises are protected by CCTV.

                  PRIVATE SELF STORAGE

                  Whether you are moving house or just the kids moving out, redecorating or simply need to de-clutter to give more room in your home, MULTI-STORE Self Storage, offers the perfect safe, secure and economic space finding solution. 

                  You can store nearly anything from books, clothes, furniture, personal possessions, sports equipment, to cars, bikes and even boats.

                  BUSINESS SELF STORAGE

                  For business users, whether you need space for storage of office furniture, documents, assembly materials and tools or warehouse storage for stock and plant, our containers offer an economic and flexible storage solution in comparison to traditional warehouse leasing. 

                  There is no long term storage lease or complicated contract to sign, (please note we will need your ID card or passport) and you pay only for the space you require. If you suddenly need more space, or even less space, you can upscale or downscale your unit whenever you want: you pay only for the exact space you require.


                  Our rental contracts are fully inclusive; there are no additional charges i.e. service or utility charges such as maintenance, lighting or security. 

                  Furthermore, they also include free:

                  • If you need an insurance, we can provide one for £3.50 per month per thousand value.
                  • a complimentary removal service: we will arrange your first 2 hours removal into store for FREE.


                  Even though pre booking is not essential, you are encouraged to call us beforehand so that our staff can offer you advise and to check the availability of the storage room, depot or mini-warehouse that is most suitable for your needs. 

                  You sign the rental contract, pay one-month rental deposit (Due to Changes by HM Revenue and Customs we have to start charging VAT on all storage as from October 1st 2012) and another month in advance.

                  We assign you a unit and you store your goods. When you no longer need your unit, you just give us two weeks notice and we refund your deposit within two weeks and since we charge per day, we also refund the money of the days you have not used your unit.

                  Watch our youtube video highlighting the simplicity of storing your goods at Multi-Store Self Storage


                  Office hours 

                  Monday – Friday: 0800 – 1700, Saturday: 0900 – 1100or by appointment


                  FREEPHONE 0800 435 014 (+44 1483 456 865 from abroad)

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                    Multi-Store provide secure, flexible and convenient self storage solutions at affordable prices in Guildford and Aldershot. Below we have compiled a list of 10 different situations in which you can benefit from having access to extra storage space:

                    When you are moving house -

                    This is one of the most common situations for which we see self storage being used. Financial complications involved with moving properties can sometimes mean that there is a delay between moving out of your previous home and moving into your new one. When stuck in this difficult in between stage, secure and reliable self storage offers the perfect solution. 

                    Extra space can also come in useful when downsizing. Large items, such as expensive or sentimental pieces of furniture, may not fit in a new property. Renting a self storage unit will mean you do not have to sell items such as these or throw them away.

                    When you are undergoing home improvements -

                    Builders and decorators working on your home might make it look beautiful when it is finished, but they can often be very messy along the way! Precious items of furniture, or delicate ornaments, risk having splashes of paint spilled on them, or being scraped by tools and equipment. To put your mind at rest, store valuable, irreplaceable items in short term storage.

                    When you run out of space -

                    We are always accumulating more and more stuff. Items come in and out of fashion, it can be a constant battle to keep up with the new trends. Some old items we are happy to throw away, or recycle, but this can sometimes be difficult with items that hold sentimental value. With a self storage unit, when you run out space, you have greater control over which items you need to throw away, and which items you want to hold onto, as they may be potentially useful in the future.

                    When you are going travelling -

                    Whether you are a student taking a gap year before beginning work, or perhaps you are taking a much needed break from your career, you will need somewhere secure to store your belongings for when you choose to return home. By leaving items in self storage, you can travel with your mind at ease, knowing that you will have access to your safe and sound belongings whenever you come back home.

                    University students returning home for summer -

                    Students tend not to stay living in one property during their time at university, typically moving into new flats/houses for the start of each year. Over the long summer holidays this often means temporarily moving back home with parents. Rather than having to lug heavy electrical items or furniture back and forth each summer, it might make more sense for students to rent a personal storage unit instead. 

                    We know money can be tight for students, which is why at Multi-Store we offer a student self storage discount!

                    You need somewhere to store your garden furniture -

                    We have just enjoyed a lovely long hot summer where many people purchased new garden furniture and BBQs. However, with winter now nearly upon us, you might be facing the dilemma of how to store it out of the cold and wet weather. We don’t all have suitably sized sheds/garages to store furniture in, and even if we do, items stored in sheds are still susceptible to damp. To protect your brand new garden furniture why not consider a self storage unit for winter?

                    There is a baby on the way -

                    A new addition to the family will require a few changes around the house. That spare guest room you had might soon become the baby’s room, meaning the bed and furniture might have to be replaced with something for suitable for a little person. Spare beds and wardrobes can always come in handy at some point though, so rather than throw them away, why not keep them in your self storage unit? Our facilities are perfect for storing furniture!

                    You are going through a divorce -

                    On a slightly less positive note, going through a separation with a long term partner can be a difficult time where practical arrangements have to be reached over shared items. In complicated situations, this can take a while. A temporary self storage unit could be the ideal short term solution to hold on to shared items, until pragmatic agreements can be made.

                    You need somewhere to store stock for your business -

                    A key way local businesses can profit from self storage solutions is by using a storage unit to hold stock. It will enable greater flexibility for your business, as you have the option to bulk buy stock when it is cheap and store it until it can be sold. Furthermore, it will mean you never have to throw away profitable stock due to a lack of space.

                    You need somewhere to store office furniture -

                    Office furniture and equipment is a necessity for most businesses but it does not come cheap. If you are moving offices, similar to if you are moving house, you might need somewhere to temporarily store your office furniture until the move is complete. Business storage units can be the perfect solution to avoid you having to buy brand new office furniture all over again. 

                    Those are just 10 scenarios in which you could benefit from self storage services. Whatever it is you use your space for, make sure you choose a safe and secure facility such as Multi-Store. Multi-Store have top of the range self storage facilities in Guildford and Aldershot, catering for personal, business and student use. Visit our website to make a quote, or call us now on one of our numbers provided below.

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