During seasonal changes, not only does the climate vary, but also our routine, in terms of food we eat and even the way they dress.

During seasonal changes, not only does the climate vary, but also our routine, in terms of food we eat and even the way they dress. 

When summer arrives, for example, we should consider some changes in our wardrobe: look for new bathing suits and put away the coats. If in your case you need to rent a storage room to store your winter clothes, we have listed some tips to keep your clothes in a storage room in a perfect condition and find it exactly as you left it.

To organize and save space in your storage

. Stack the clothes and store it in boxes. This way your clothes will not wrinkle, it will take only the necessary space and it will be in a certain order. 

. Label the boxes. If you are going to stack your winter clothes by category, put a label on each of the groups so that when you need something specific, you can easily find it.

To maintain fresh smell of the clothes

. Wash all the clothes with some detergent and avoid using softeners or bleach before storing the clothes in a storage room. 

. Make sure all the clothes you are going to store are dry.

. Keep clothes in boxes made from breathable material (those can be wooden boxes).

To protect your clothes

. Distribute mothproof bags in bags or boxes. This way you will protect your clothes of those holes that usually appear when the clothes are stored for a longer period of time. Another option you can use is lavender. In addition to protection from moths, it keeps your clothes smelling fresh. 

. Get rid of the stains. If the clothes have a fresh stain, we recommend that you get rid of the stains before storing the clothes in a storage room. Conversely, when you want to reuse that item of clothing, it will be relatively impossible to remove the stain once it is dry.

. Keep clothes in cloth bags. As long as it is possible, you should use cloth bags as this type of material allows material to breathe.

To keep the color of the clothing

. Save clothes before ironing it. This way you avoid staining the clothes and it helps you keep its original color for much longer.

To save only the necessary

. Take the opportunity and categorizes your winter clothes: Separate those items that you will continue using from those you will not. When you have set apart the clothes that you are definitely not going to use, you can donate it to those in need. This way you will save space in your storage room and give a second chance to those blankets and coats that no longer fit or you no longer like them. 

Once spring arrives, it is time to get to work and make some changes in your closet. In case you are considering storing winter clothes in a storage room, we assure you that following the tips we have listed above, you will find your clothes in excellent condition, with a pleasant fragrance and in its original color.

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