During seasonal changes, not only does the climate vary, but also our routine, in terms of food we eat and even the way they dress.

Multi-Store provide secure, flexible and convenient self storage solutions at affordable prices in Guildford and Aldershot. Below we have compiled a list of 10 different situations in which you can benefit from having access to extra storage space:

When you are moving house -

This is one of the most common situations for which we see self storage being used. Financial complications involved with moving properties can sometimes mean that there is a delay between moving out of your previous home and moving into your new one. When stuck in this difficult in between stage, secure and reliable self storage offers the perfect solution. 

Extra space can also come in useful when downsizing. Large items, such as expensive or sentimental pieces of furniture, may not fit in a new property. Renting a self storage unit will mean you do not have to sell items such as these or throw them away.

When you are undergoing home improvements -

Builders and decorators working on your home might make it look beautiful when it is finished, but they can often be very messy along the way! Precious items of furniture, or delicate ornaments, risk having splashes of paint spilled on them, or being scraped by tools and equipment. To put your mind at rest, store valuable, irreplaceable items in short term storage.

When you run out of space -

We are always accumulating more and more stuff. Items come in and out of fashion, it can be a constant battle to keep up with the new trends. Some old items we are happy to throw away, or recycle, but this can sometimes be difficult with items that hold sentimental value. With a self storage unit, when you run out space, you have greater control over which items you need to throw away, and which items you want to hold onto, as they may be potentially useful in the future.

When you are going travelling -

Whether you are a student taking a gap year before beginning work, or perhaps you are taking a much needed break from your career, you will need somewhere secure to store your belongings for when you choose to return home. By leaving items in self storage, you can travel with your mind at ease, knowing that you will have access to your safe and sound belongings whenever you come back home.

University students returning home for summer -

Students tend not to stay living in one property during their time at university, typically moving into new flats/houses for the start of each year. Over the long summer holidays this often means temporarily moving back home with parents. Rather than having to lug heavy electrical items or furniture back and forth each summer, it might make more sense for students to rent a personal storage unit instead. 

We know money can be tight for students, which is why at Multi-Store we offer a student self storage discount!

You need somewhere to store your garden furniture -

We have just enjoyed a lovely long hot summer where many people purchased new garden furniture and BBQs. However, with winter now nearly upon us, you might be facing the dilemma of how to store it out of the cold and wet weather. We don’t all have suitably sized sheds/garages to store furniture in, and even if we do, items stored in sheds are still susceptible to damp. To protect your brand new garden furniture why not consider a self storage unit for winter?

There is a baby on the way -

A new addition to the family will require a few changes around the house. That spare guest room you had might soon become the baby’s room, meaning the bed and furniture might have to be replaced with something for suitable for a little person. Spare beds and wardrobes can always come in handy at some point though, so rather than throw them away, why not keep them in your self storage unit? Our facilities are perfect for storing furniture!

You are going through a divorce -

On a slightly less positive note, going through a separation with a long term partner can be a difficult time where practical arrangements have to be reached over shared items. In complicated situations, this can take a while. A temporary self storage unit could be the ideal short term solution to hold on to shared items, until pragmatic agreements can be made.

You need somewhere to store stock for your business -

A key way local businesses can profit from self storage solutions is by using a storage unit to hold stock. It will enable greater flexibility for your business, as you have the option to bulk buy stock when it is cheap and store it until it can be sold. Furthermore, it will mean you never have to throw away profitable stock due to a lack of space.

You need somewhere to store office furniture -

Office furniture and equipment is a necessity for most businesses but it does not come cheap. If you are moving offices, similar to if you are moving house, you might need somewhere to temporarily store your office furniture until the move is complete. Business storage units can be the perfect solution to avoid you having to buy brand new office furniture all over again. 

Those are just 10 scenarios in which you could benefit from self storage services. Whatever it is you use your space for, make sure you choose a safe and secure facility such as Multi-Store. Multi-Store have top of the range self storage facilities in Guildford and Aldershot, catering for personal, business and student use. Visit our website to make a quote, or call us now on one of our numbers provided below.

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