When looking for self-storage solutions, you will come across a variety of options available to you. These can range from self-storage lockers

When looking for self-storage solutions, you will come across a variety of options available to you. These can range from self-storage lockers to self-storage containers, helping to keep your belongings safe for as long as you need. You can store bedding, furniture, clothes, seasonal decorations and much more in these units, providing many people with a much-needed storage space.

Whilst our services are easy to access, we understand that some of our customers may have questions regarding our self-storage services. So here is your Multistore guide to self-storage containers.


Self-storage containers are a type of facility utilised by individuals and businesses alike in order to store excess belongings for a certain period of time. These containers are often converted from old buildings or built specifically for storage purposes and will be made up of a number of levels, with each container stored on top of another. 

Self-storage containers are also easily transportable, secured with locking bars and a steel body, both of which are extremely difficult to break into. So, whatever you decide to store in there, you can guarantee your belongings are safe.


There are many reasons why people utilise self-storage containers with Multistore, but the main ones are:

Our self-storage containers are perfect for those wanting to reduce the mess in your house but aren’t ready to part with those belongings just yet. Items that are used infrequently, such as Christmas decorations, are perfect to place in storage when they’re not needed. 

If you’re moving out of an old property and into a new one, but have found yourself with time to spare in-between, these self-storage containers are ideal to keep your belongings safe before you move in. They can be hired on a weekly basis and are there for you to use on a short or long-term basis.


Self-storage containers can easily be rented out with Multistore and are available to customers nationwide. You can choose from a wide variety of container sizes, ranging from 40 square feet up to 160 square feet, just let us know which one suits you best. From there, we’ll provide you with a weekly quote and you can decide whether you’d like to continue. Let us know how long you’d like to rent a self-storage container for and we can tell you our availability. 

Once you’ve decided to rent your self-storage container with Multistore, you can start filling it up. We allow a wide range of items but there are a few that aren’t permitted in our storage containers. For example, firearms, stolen items, animals, chemicals and explosives are prohibited. If we find any of these items in your rented storage container, we will revoke your access.

At Multistore, you can gain 24/7 entry to your self-storage container, with no extra charges. We are also very flexible and can easily extend or shorten your stay upon request. Multistore offer a wide variety of self-storage solutions for our customers across the UK, get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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