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In recent years, working from home has been increasingly popular. Working from home was kickstarted by the global pandemic for many, but now, many companies have decided to let their employees work from home on a permanent basis. This could be due to the fact that it costs more to have an office space full of people. It was less common for people to work from home before the pandemic as there was no way to know if staff were finding it productive or not and whether they were able to manage their own time effectively. As the UK lifts lockdown restrictions, many employers have realised that it has actually benefited their business by letting their staff work from home. 

Although working from home has advantages such as cheaper lunches, no travelling time, spending more time with your loved ones and wearing comfier clothes- for some- it can be the worst factor contributing to their stress and anxiety. The question is- when you’re working from home, what separates your work life and your home life? When you are in the same environment it is difficult to let go of the feelings and thoughts you had at work and not carry them with you when you attempt to relax.

This blog will help you maximize your space while working from home, help you increase your productivity at work and guide you to relax after work hours.

The Power of Plants

If you have the luxury of having a separate office and living space, great! It is important to take care of your physical environment where you work as this can affect your productivity and concentration. For example, the quality of air, amount of natural light and noise are all determining factors. Having house plants in your work area can improve your concentration by 38% as well as improving the quality of air around you, so it might be worth considering getting some.

Colour Collaboration

Colours can also be powerful when decorating your office space…colours create illusions, influences emotions and set the mood. Blue, orange and green are meant to be the best for improving performance in creativity, organisation, productivity and relieving stress for working from home.

Quiet Time And Breaks

If you live with a housemate or partner who also works from home you could arrange to have quiet periods dedicated to getting work done. You could also take breaks at the same time to avoid interruptions. Remove work materials from your view (stationary etc) when taking breaks and finishing work to help separate your work and home environment.

Create A designated Work Zone and Relaxation Zone

It is just as important to create relaxation zones as it is work zones. The most important factor regarding separating the two zones is learning by association. If you bring your work tools into your relaxation zone your brain will associate the two spaces together, meaning that your stress will carry over into space which is meant to help you relax.

Natural Lighting

Just as natural lighting is best for concentration, warm and yellow-toned lighting is best for the evening- mimicking the darker evening light outside. Scents also help calm the mind, by learning to associate the candle’s scent by finishing work can help your brain distinguish the two zones and help release endorphins.

At The End Of The Day, Remember to Switch Off

Putting away work items at the end of the day when you finish could help you switch off and relax more easily. This will also help you to establish boundaries from your work life and home life.

Declutter and tidy up!

Tidy space- tidy mind! It is always best to declutter regularly and keep your space as minimalist as possible. This not only means that you know where everything is, it can also help clear your mind. As Marie Kondo says ‘Only keep things that spark joy’- don’t think about what to throw away, think about what you want to keep. 

If you’re having trouble parting with furniture, or simply need a place to hold all your work accessories, you can get a storage room from us to hold your loved items and furniture. Get in contact with our team now and let’s see how we can help.

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