Are you about to introduce a new furry friend into your household? Bringing home a puppy is hugely exciting (especially if it is your first!)

Are you about to introduce a new furry friend into your household? Bringing home a puppy is hugely exciting (especially if it is your first!), but a little preparation is needed to make sure things go smoothly. 

So how can you best prepare your house for a puppy? Follow these tips to make sure you create the best space possible for your new excitable best friend.

Clean the House

For a young puppy exploring the world, everything needs to be chewed. It’s part of their playful and curious nature. To prepare for this, before bringing the new pup home have a big clean of your house, making sure the floors are clear of debris and anything potentially harmful. Where possible, try and elevate electrical wires. 

In addition to this, buying some dog-friendly chew toys will give them something they can safely get their teeth around.

Stair Gates

Preparing the home for a new inquisitive puppy is similar to making a home toddler-proof. For when you are not there to supervise, putting up a baby stair gate is a good way to ensure they do not get up to any mischief upstairs where the environment may not be as puppy friendly. The last thing you want is to find your puppy has chewed up your shoes left on the bedroom floor or, even worse, a phone charger cable!

Dog Crates

A dog crate can be a great training tool and be a safe space for a young pup. Dogs hate going to the toilet in their own bed, so in the first few weeks a crate is an ideal toilet training aid, while they adjust to their new routine. 

Not only this, but they can be useful for getting outdoors too. You can put your puppy in the crate to take it in the car with you, out on adventures to explore new sights and sounds.

Create Space & Protect Your Valuables

Even with a toy to chew on, excitable and inquisitive young puppies will inevitably find something else to get its jaws around. This ‘something else’ might end up being your most valuable furniture, a family heirloom or something precious. To avoid this, for the first few months of having the puppy in your home, it might be a good idea to keep these precious items out of the way. 

In addition, a puppy needs space to play and explore. You will also need to create a space for a bed, in a pup-friendly room.

A self storage unit can be a great way to protect valuable items for a short while, until you are confident your new puppy is safe to be around them. In doing so, you will also create more space in the home, which can be dedicated to your new furry friend, to sleep and play in.

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