Clean house, clear mind – We have all heard this phrase used, but is there any truth to it? Well, according to the experts, yes there is.

We’ve all seen Storage Hunters haven’t we? The fast-paced auction show where an eclectic cast bid on abandoned storage units in order to sieve through their contents for golden goodies and antiques. Sometimes you see some strange things pop up in those units which makes you wonder about the original owner! Here at Multistore, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the strangest things found in storage units over the years.


I think we all knew that this was going to be top of the list! It sounds like something straight out of a horror story finding a body in a storage unit, but it’s something that’s happened a surprising amount of times! One of the most notorious of these stories


It goes without saying, breaking into storage units is never a good idea. This was found out the hard way for one particular burglar from Kansas City in Missouri, USA. A passing security guard noticed a unit door slightly ajar and ever the helpful Samaritan he closed it up and latched it shut – trapping the burglar inside!

Wasps nests

In a storage unit in New York, someone found not one, but four wasp nests in the same storage units. What makes this find even stranger is that fact that each of these wasp nests had been individually wrapped in cellophane and preserved.

A live hand grenade

Just in case you weren’t aware, here at Multistore, you’re not allowed to store weapons or ammunition of any kind. It’s no wonder the new owner of an abandoned unit in Michigan in the US got a bit of a shock finding this! Don’t worry though, the authorities were called and a bomb disposal unit took care of the situation.
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