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Multi-Store equipment Storage is the best place for storing your equipment safely in Aldershot and Guildford. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to keep all of your tools of the trade on you at all times. Whether you need to keep everything safe when you take a holiday, or that cement mixer takes up a bit too much room in the back of the van. Multi-Store Self Storage have a solution for you.

Whether you’re a small business or a big company, having a good storage option helps keep things running smoothly. Whether it’s storing extra stuff or keeping expensive equipment safe, having the right storage makes work easier and helps businesses stay productive. We understand the challenges businesses face with storage. That’s why we’ve made our facilities safe, easy to use, and flexible to suit different needs. Whether you need to store tools, machines, or stock, we’ve got you covered.

Self storage Guildford facility with personal items because of a home renovation.

Our Equipment Storage Facilities

At our premier facilities in Guildford and Aldershot, businesses find the perfect solution for their equipment storage needs. Our facilities offer top-notch convenience and reliability, tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses.

Features of Equipment Storage Aldershot

Modern Storage Units: Our Aldershot site has modern storage units that are perfect for keeping various types of equipment safe. These units come with high-tech security features like 24-hour CCTV, smoke detectors and fire alarms, so your gear is always protected.

Spacious Layout: Only pay for what you need. We have storage units from as small as 10sq ft upto 800sq ft, so we can cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a small unit for tools or a big one for machinery, we’ve got the space to accommodate you.

Climate-Controlled Storage: Our storage units in Aldershot are climate-controlled, which means they’re kept at the right temperature and humidity levels. This helps protect delicate equipment from damage while it’s stored.

Unlimited Access during Opening Hours: We offer unlimited access to your stored equipment during our opening hours. Whether you need to retrieve tools, inventory, or machinery multiple times throughout the day, you can do so without any restrictions.

Flexible Rental Options: We offer flexible rental plans to suit your needs, whether you only need storage for a short while or a long-term solution. Our prices are clear, and our contracts are flexible, making it easy for you to manage your storage without any problem.

Equipment Transport Trolleys: Use our provided trolleys to transport your equipment with ease, making the move-in process as smooth as possible.

Features of Equipment Storage Guildford

Top-Notch Storage Units: Experience the latest in storage technology at our Guildford site. Our units are packed with advanced security features like 24/7 CCTV surveillance, keeping your belongings safe around the clock.

Safety Measurements: Fire detection systems and smoke detectors enhance safety measures, ensuring a protected environment for your assets.

Spacious Layout: No matter if it’s small tools or big machines, we’ve got the room for it all at our Guildford site. Our storage units are big and adaptable ranging from 10sq ft to 800sq ft, so you’ll never run out of space for your stuff.

Controlled Climate: Keep your sensitive gear safe from the elements with our climate-controlled storage. Whether it’s electronics that need specific temperatures or delicate machinery, our Guildford facility ensures they stay in tip-top condition while they’re stored.

Access Anytime during Opening Hours: You can get to your stored stuff as much as you want during our opening hours. Whether you need your tools, stock, or machines several times a day, there are no limits.

Equipment Trolleys: Use our trolleys to assist you in moving your equipment easily. It helps make moving in hassle-free.

Why Choose Us for Equipment Storage in Aldershot and Guildford?

Immediately Move-in

We understand the urgency of your storage needs, which is why we offer immediate availability for our storage units.

Flexible Terms

we offer flexible storage plans. Store your gear for as long as you need, whether it's a week, a month, or longer – you choose what works best for your business.

Advanced Security Features

Your peace of mind matters to us. That's why we've invested in top-of-the-line security features, like 24-hour CCTV, smoke detectors and fire alarms, to keep your gear safe and sound.

Custom Sizes

We know that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer storage units in different sizes to suit your needs. Whether you need a small locker or a big unit, we've got the space you need – and you can change sizes if you need to.

Insurance Cover

Multi-Store Self Storage offers all our customers the option of our insurance cover specially designed for our Self Storage Customers, giving the contents of your unit full protection.

Fully refundable reservation fee

We believe in being fair and upfront with our customers. That's why we offer a fully refundable reservation fee. If you book a storage space but then your plans change or you don't need it anymore, you'll get your reservation fee back in full.

Book Equipment Storage in Guildford and Aldershot?

Booking storage with Multi-Store is super easy. Here’s how you can reserve your storage space:

Get a Quote

Contact us to get a quick quote for your storage needs. Our friendly team will chat with you to understand what you need and give you a price tailored to you.

Complete the Storage Agreement

Pick the right size storage unit for you, and we'll help you fill out the paperwork. This agreement covers stuff like how much you'll pay and when.

Visit Our Facilities

Once you've got your quote, come and see our top-notch facilities in Aldershot and Guildford. Our team will show you around, talk about what you need, and answer any questions.

Finalise Your Booking

Once everything's sorted, you're all set to book your storage space. Our team will help you finish up the paperwork, so everything's done properly and quickly.

Contact Us

Ready to revolutionise your equipment storage? Look no further than Multi-Store! Whether you’re based in Aldershot or Guildford, we have the perfect equipment storage options to meet your needs. Contact us today at 01483 456865 for Guildford equipment storage or 01252 343415 for Aldershot equipment storage. Alternatively, you can email us at to book your storage space.

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